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Analysis Of ' Parental Love ' Essay

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Parental love is one of the most dominant and consistent expressions of love throughout Away, conveyed through contrasting manners between the three families. Gwen’s parenting approach towards Meg is rigid. Consequently, her expression of love is bitter. Alternatively, Tom’s parents shower him in adoration and compassion, despite their unfortunate circumstances. Similar circumstances previously faced by Coral left her brokenhearted and grief stricken. Her captivating struggle through the loss of her son draws a lot of attention in the story, thus overshadowing her husband Roy’s hurt and sorrow.
The relationship between Meg and Gwen can be described as unusual, yet compelling. Their mother daughter bond is frequently tested throughout the play as a result of Gwen’s blunt love, which is expressed when she commands Meg to keep away from Tom and his family. “Some people may be happy living like pigs but I’m not. I will not have you hanging around with that kind of life.” (Act 1, Scene 2) As shown through this quote, Gwen’s harsh character is displayed as unaffectionate and tough. However, it also includes an underlying exhibit of love towards Meg, signifying that she cares for her daughter’s wellbeing, and is devoted to keeping a high standard of life for her family. Gwen’s coarse nature may have developed as a result of her past, which is brought up during her argument with Meg while on holiday. Their quarrel leads Gwen to remind Meg of what she and Jim went through to build a secure life. ‘Sacrificed! Gone without. Gone through hardship so what happened to us will never happen to you. So that you’ll never know what we saw – never, never, never. Never see people losing jobs and never finding another one, never being without a home, ...

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... text, however the two will continue to carry the burden of losing their son.
A range of in depth parent child relationships were developed over the course of the play, creating realistic drama within the families. Gwen had trouble communicating love to Meg due to her bitter nature, inducing a strained relationship. In comparison, Tom’s parents naturally show affection and adoration towards him, especially impacted in consideration of his sickness. And finally, with a son to whom they can no longer offer their love, Roy and Coral. Losing their son practically drove Coral to insanity, while simultaneously worsening Roy’s situation. The manner of which love is expressed and experienced in each of the three families contrasts fiercely. Even though the love is sprung from the same maternal roots, its expression varies depending on life’s circumstances and complexities.

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