Analysis Of ' Othello And Pride And Prejudice `` Essay

Analysis Of ' Othello And Pride And Prejudice `` Essay

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Change is an inevitable factor of life that many individuals experience on a daily basis, leading either to extraordinary transformations or deteriorating aspects of an individual’s character. In literature, change is a key element to the understanding of a character’s construction both physical and psychological. Throughout Captain Corelli’s Mandellis, Othello and Pride and Prejudice, transformation of characters explicitly portrays both the uncertainty of one’s true self being, progression or regression due to turbulent relationships. Transformation of characters will be explored in the light of the definition transformation is “a marked change in form, nature or appearance”, whilst also considering the ideology of spiritual and psychological transformation. The moral and social pressure from the Greek society, Elizabethan era and Regency period also influenced the characters into their individual transformation, highlighting the effects of rules and tradition.
De Bernieres and Shakespeare both construct a heroic ideal of character as the protagonists of their literary piece; however the relationships these characters are involved in enables both reader and audience to be presented with circumstances which doubts the certainty of this heroic ideal. In Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, Mandras is first presented as a typical young man from the Cephalonia Island, however with a spark of difference that caught Pelagia’s eyes. His character is mostly presented and described through Pelagia, who focus mainly at his physical appearance. In contrast, Othello is primarily presented by Shakespeare through his “constant, loving, noble nature”; a soldier who achieved the honour and respect of those surrounding him through his experience and n...

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...t him; instead he used his own performance to negate those insults. His promise to protect the “jewel” with his life and soul, gives the audience a loyal image of himself, transmitting acceptance and trust. His assignment to fight the Turks demonstrates the leadership he possesses and his successfulness as a general; Shakespeare presents here the audience with the valiant aspect of Othello, portraying the image of bravery. The positive images of Othello presented in Act I are later on in the play used to amplify the significance of his transformation. His image of a heroic and noble man fuelled by truth and love transforms into an arrogant and jealous man. His arrogance is a fatal flaw he develops which brings about his downfall. When his arrogance and blind self-sureness is removed by fears of Desdemona’s adultery, he descends into the rage that causes his downfall.

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