Analysis Of Orwell 's 1984 Written By George Orwell Essay

Analysis Of Orwell 's 1984 Written By George Orwell Essay

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You look around before entering your house at an empty street, but you feel the sensation of being watched. Why is that? Then your eyes catch that red faint light, looking at you with its one eye, the surveillance camera. You can not help but wonder who could be watching you. Technology has come a long way, from the time we used stone tools, and the the first wheel was made. We now have technology that enables us to find any person in the world with a simple camera. We use technology for our own convenience but is it truly only for our own? The technology we use may very well be an instrument used to keep us in check. In the novel, 1984 written by George Orwell, writes about a dystopia that the people are treated harshly and deprived from their rights. They are ruled and watched by the government known as “Big Brother” who watches their every thought and action.
In 1984, the people have a tv that they call a Telescreen which is present in every household. It is utilized by the government to cloud people 's judgement of what is truly happening in the world. They use claims and spout lies about the how great and amazing the government is. Despite that in all truthfulness it is nonsense and lies used to mislead the people form the governments true nature. Even in our world we have this sort of influence. Social media may influence us more than we may know. People trust tv networks to bring us the news on events going on around the world. But this trust may be very well be misplaced. Much of the stuff we watch can be based solely on a bias opinion.
Perhaps fabricated to gain viewers or expand an idea. This is the case most of the time, very rarely do we find a source that is not bias or made from solid facts. For example, politici...

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...ow to distract the public so they can proceed to do as they may. They brainwash them into believing everything they say probably in order to keep the people from rebelling against them. Technology is truly one of their greatest weapons against the idea of rebellion.
Much of our day we are surrounded by technology, at this time and age you can not go anywhere without running into any piece of technology. It is everywhere which would explain why our government felt so compelled to use it to spy on us. Technology to me is a double sided blade; helping our life by being more convenient. But the same time it could be used against us. It is our job as the people to determine the limits of our government as to what they can do with the technology they provide us with. We are people born with rights, the government is made to serve the people not the other way around.

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