Analysis Of ' Orion 's Belt ' Essay

Analysis Of ' Orion 's Belt ' Essay

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Orion 's belt? Did you ordain the orbit of the stars and planets that cluster the night sky?” (Job 38:31-32). Through extensive questioning, God finally questions Job on his boldness to challenge his Creator (Job 40:1). The divinely inspired questions reveal that God is truly the Almighty, and that he is the only being qualified to answer all his questions. God’s response causes Job to admit his insignificance and inability to question God’s power and authority (Job 40:3). Job, considering himself unworthy to question his Creator, comes to realize God’s true power and no longer questions His sovereignty. God further questions Job stating, “Who is able to stand against Me? Who has preceded Me that I should pay him? Everything under heaven is Mine” (Job 41:10-11). Although Job was not informed that Satan was the one who struck him, what he did learn through the trials was God’s ultimate superiority, as He has the power to do everything He desires. While we may not understand God’s actions, everything he does serves as both His good and ours.
When God answers Job in chapter 38, he speaks of his creations and his care for all things he has created, demonstrating to Job his minimal understanding of the bigger intention behind all of this. While Job may not have considered that he had the ability to argue with God and question his good intentions, during his trial with God, his capacity to do so became evident, as he said things to God that a faithful man should not. Such temptation provided him with a greater realization to repent for revealing himself as someone capable of becoming God’s enemy.
Job, unaware of Gods wager with Satan, assumes that his unfortunate circumstances are a result of God’s discipline. Job states, “You asked, ...

... middle of paper ... not wrong to hold fast to his integrity, but was rather wrong in stating things that implied that God made error’s in handling Job’s case. Job confessing he had of heard God, points to growing recognition now that he has has gained fuller knowledge. God’s words provide Job with a deeper appreciation for God and His true nature. God, however, never truly explains to Job the real reason why he suffers. As seen throughout the Book of Job, Job and his friends continuously dispute the reason for Job’s suffering. God does not reveal to Job why he suffers because the significant lesson that God tried to teach Job was that God has power of all things and knows what He is doing. Often, we will not truly understand why certain things play out the way they do, just as Job did, but we must learn to trust God to direct our actions and take care of us, despite our understanding.

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