Analysis Of ' Operation Rolling Thunder ' Essay

Analysis Of ' Operation Rolling Thunder ' Essay

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Operation Rolling Thunder is one of the largest US air force to strike the NVA (the North Vietnamese Army) during the Vietnam War. It was intended to destroy many industrial buildings in the NVA 's homeland to cripple their supplies and productions. This would help diminish the NVA 's stocks for their army to conquer the South Vietnam. However, it was the worst and ineffective results because the NVA has a stronghold with mainly an air defense. They are strongest will because of effective coordination plans by their commander. Even the NVA has suffered major damaged and huge lost of the civilians, it 's able to rebuild the productions, bridges, and others that are destroyed by the US bombers and fighters. It promoted the NVA to continue fighting with courage and propaganda to their people against their invaders until they are eliminated. There are stories that will eventually lead to start the Operation Rolling Thunder.
Before the Operation Rolling Thunder began, the situation in the South Vietnam is in the worst situation. The ARVN (South Vietnamese Army) are ambushed by the Vietcong and result were casualties, including American servicemen (Gilmore 26). Johnson knew the NVA would be in the final moments to conquer the South Vietnam. The NVA is providing support to the Vietcong Army to smash the ARVN and their support, US Army (Gilmore 27). As it continues, President Johnson (who replace President Kennedy) continues to send more troops and allowing to airstrike into NVA 's territory about half way after the incident in the Gulf of Tonkin. The first primarily to protect the aircraft base in South Vietnam, but later they expand to firefight against the Vietcong (“Operation Rolling Thunder”). Before this event happened, the U.S ex...

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...ness seen horror of his fellows taken a direct hit into enemy territory and he will be next (Gilmore 35). Ed Larson was one of the US planes to escort an air force group. Then, he 's evading incoming enemy fire (Gilmore 32). Ed and other pilot were hit by enemy anti-aircraft gun and escape into open sea (Gilmore 33). Next pilot who has to fly during the storm in hopes to target the objective in surprise attack is Salmon (Plunkett 13).
In conclusion of Operation Rolling Thunder, it was most unsuccessful of the US history during the Vietnam War. It shows how it was ineffective tactics for the inexperience and veteran pilots of the US air force. This leads to more US Pow in NVA territory during Operation Rolling Thunder. The president has decided to put the Operation Rolling Thunder on halt in 1968 for future use again. It is a most unsuccessful attack in the US History.

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