Analysis Of Okonkwo 's ' Things Fall Apart ' Essay examples

Analysis Of Okonkwo 's ' Things Fall Apart ' Essay examples

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Okonkwo’s lack of father figure leads him to the perspective of fear of failure and weakness this is what he is driven by because in his life he doesn’t have a role model that he can look up to in order to overcome that fear or that adaption to the new society. Okonkwo’s biggest obstacles throughout this story is fear, lack of self worthiness, and culture values.
Thesis: Okonkwo feels lost in the new society he doesn’t know where he belongs but all he knows is that he has a big immense passion for being a wrestler. In between he believes that there is a problem because he lacks of self worth, fear and cultural /value identity in himself. In order to overcome these problems he has to face the reality that society has brought him to. He needs that confidence in himself in order to grow stronger and overcome these barriers.
In “Things Fall Apart” we see roles/genres that are played in this book a lot of fear, lost of identity, masculinity and culture values for the character Okonkwo there were walls that were built in front of his face he tried to overcome them, but along the way he found himself stuck and in a solitary place. The biggest obstacle for Okonkwo was masculinity because as a man you 're supposed to be strong, muscular and not be scared of anything but for Okonkwo it wasn’t like that because if he ever cried, backed down from a fight or was not the head of the household he was judged because in the Igbo culture that’s how men were defined for. For example (“To show affection was a sign of weakness; the only worth demonstrating was strength”) 4:28. In this quote Okonkwo didn’t show fear/weakness or affection to no one he didn’t want to be seen or classified as a woman. In the Igbo culture masculinity was the main th...

... middle of paper ... from society expected him to but it was hard for him to come up to people and let them know “How” OR “Why” he did what he did. To conclude this essay, as it has been mentioned I chose the topics of: Fear, Masculinity, and Cultural Values because reading “Things Fall Apart”By: Chinua Achebe gave me way more reasons and a clear understanding what Okonkwo wanted and how he saw seeing himself all he ever wanted was not to become like his dad he didn’t want to be like his dad he just wanted a chance to show people how he saw himself and how he could 've improved more. Okonkwo brought obstacles and barriers that people face now in America society wants us to follow these trends be people who were really not meant to be society put barriers in Okonkwo’s life that he faced and struggled with but this gives us an opportunity to become better and break society’s trends.

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