Analysis Of Octavia Estelle Butler 's ' The Parable Of The Sower ' Essay

Analysis Of Octavia Estelle Butler 's ' The Parable Of The Sower ' Essay

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Octavia Estelle Butler uses the class, race and gender theme in traditional way with philosophical and religious views in the “Parable of The Sower”. In this book, Butler shows how the America of parable has essentially reverted to a less evolved state. Inequality in class, race and gender shows in this book. Class has determined the society and culture, race keeps mentioning, and gender is still an extraordinary case. Further, power plays in every aspect of the world. Survival should have been the prioritize of the chaotic world that Lauren lives in; however, gender, race, and class persist. In this book Butler shows that, although gender, race, and class insist; people in every class, race, or gender have to leave the tradition behind and not only prioritize their safety but to begin move the world back toward equality. This story is told based on Lauren, the narrator’s point of view from her diary where she explains how society has broken in every aspect and how she tries to survive.
In the story, Lauren, the hyper-empathy narrator is an African-American preacher’s daughter, who has her own belief and philosophy about God and life. She lives in a small town in California called Robledo. Her neighborhood has walls to protect them from outside dangerous world, yet they are still not feeling safe and the government cannot do anything to help them. Even though they have walls, scavenger and druggies from outside still like to go inside the walls and steal Lauren’s neighborhood’s stuffs and burn houses whenever they want. Their town is getting less and less safe. By observing her neighborhood situation and finding the meaning of God and how to shape Him, she makes notes and develop her philosophy that God is change and the only thi...

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...eaders recognize the traditional class, race, and gender in every character. However, Lauren’s philosophy/religion has united people from different background. They have same ideas which is the main theme: people need to accept change to survive, put the tradition aside and show the equality in the world. They need to help each other and bring back the “real identity” of the world in class, race, and gender in the society. Her philosophy is not a vertical hierarchy, instead it is a horizontal hierarchy where people respect each other and not bother the physical and background differences between them. Indeed, Lauren is letting go tradition and straighten the false perception about power. She is an African-American middle-class woman who is the leader of her community to save her society and world. She proves there is still equality and hopes of heaven to themselves.

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