Analysis Of O Antinous 's ' The Phaeacian Games ' Essay

Analysis Of O Antinous 's ' The Phaeacian Games ' Essay

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08 (020516)
• They will depart in a black ship with 52 oarsmen.
• The Phaeacian Games
o Antinous proposes they perform a series of exercises to prove the Phaeacians cannot be beaten.
 Running
 Wrestling
o Laodamas challenges Odysseus to a match; he says no, Laodamas insults him, “No: one can see you are no athlete.”
 Antinous apologizes, for he does not want Odysseus to come home and speak badly of his people.
• A gathering begins thereafter; Demodocus recites a story about Aphrodite’s adulterous behavior and the dishonor she has bestowed upon Hephaestus.
o He creates a trap on the bed where Ares sleeps with his wife, which ensnares both Ares and Aphrodite immediately after they fall upon it.
o Hephaestus summons:
 Poseidon, Sustainer of the Earth
 Hermes, the Swift Runner, the Guide, the Giant-slayer
 Apollo, Lord of the Bow, Son of Zeus
o Hephaestus ultimately sets them free.
• Alcinous gifts him a bronze sword with a silver hilt and a sheath of newly carved ivory—a very valuable possession.
o Arete prepares a chest of clothing and gifts.
• Demodocus begins again, this time with a story of the Wooden (Trojan) Horse.
o Horse was brought in and the Greeks soon attacked.
o Odysseus and Menelaus raided Deiphobus’ house, where “…he engaged in the most terrible of all his fights…”
• Antinous’ father, Nausithous, prophesied a possible wrath Poseidon may incur due to his grudge against the Phaeacians: they cannot offer a safe sail without themselves getting hurt; Poseidon will destroy the ship, as well as enclosing the island of Phaeacia with mountains.
• “For a friend with an understanding heart can be quite as dear as a brother.” (8.584-585)
09 (020816)
• Odysseus begins to tell Alcinous his story:
o The ‘wind’ led him to the c...

... middle of paper ...

...nds, diverting their path back to Aeolia.
o He begs the king to once again help them get back on track, to which he expresses extreme rejection. “ is not right for me to entertain and equip a man detested by the blessed gods.”
• On the seventh day they arrive at Telepylus, and situate themselves in a narrow harbor.
o Odysseus sends two of his men and a messenger to find out more about where they are. The party is confronted by Antiphates’ wife, “a woman of mountainous proportions.” She calls her husband, who goes on to eat one of the men.
o Antiphates calls upon the Laestrygonian army (giants) and begin to throw rocks at the ships; men began to die and they leave.
• Arrive at the island of Aeaea: home of Circe, a beautiful goddess with a mortal woman’s voice. She is sister of Aeetes, both children of the Sun; by the same mother Perse, the daughter of the Ocean.

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