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The character I chose to analyze is Norman Bates. Norman Bates originated as the main character in Alfred Hitchcock's movie "Psycho". In the movie "Psycho", Norman is a middle-aged who runs a motel. He is a psychotic serial killer with many psychological issues. More recently Norman Bates became the main character in a television show called "Bates Motel." In the show, we see Norman in his teenage years. This is where we see Norman's psychological issues begin to develop. As a teenage Norman, we also get to see more of Norman's relationship with his mother.
When "Bates Motel" begins, Norman seems to be a normal teenage boy, who is a bit of an introvert. He prefers school work and reading to going out and being social. He has an extremely close and often unhealthy relationship with his mother, Norma Bates. We know that later in life, Norman kills his mother and her boyfriend. He is jealous of sharing her. He feels so bad that he keeps her body and creates a new personality in himself just for her. She often undresses in front of him. She tells him it is normal and okay. She gets mad when he questions it. He later watches her through her window in her bra and panties. Norman is very dependent on his mother in all areas of his life. Norma is very over protective and suffocating to Norman. The show begins with Norman finding his dad dead in the garage from what looks like an accident where he fell and banged his head. Norman runs to get his mother. Then we see Norman and Norma moving to Oregon. Norma bought a house and motel there. Norman starts a new school where he is very socially awkward, but very smart. He meets a girl that he likes. His mom gets jealous of her.
As the show progresses we notice that all is not as it seems wit...

... middle of paper ...

...od object relationships. Another aspect of the object relations theory that can explain Norman's personality is the principle themes of love and hate

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