Analysis Of Nora Helmer 's ' The Christmas Of Christmas ' Essay

Analysis Of Nora Helmer 's ' The Christmas Of Christmas ' Essay

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Nora Helmer, wife of Torvald Helmer, is cheerful natured woman who is loved by her husband very much. Torvald expresses his love toward her saying her “little lark” and “little squirrel” and other praising words. Though they love each other very much, Torvald sometimes uses words that are against his attitude of loving Nora. On the eve of Christmas, Nora buys lots of gifts for children. Though Torvald doesn’t like this, he tells her that they can spend more without caring much as compared to earlier days as he has got a bank job to do. Despite his mixed feelings, Torvald always loves Nora very much. He expresses his feelings towards Nora by saying, "It 's a sweet little bird, but it gets through a terrible amount of money. You wouldn 't believe how much it costs a man when he 's got a little song-bird like you!" ( Ibsen 1192).
In their earlier days of marriage life, Torvald works for too much hours that make him very sick. The Victorian doctor prescribes him to go to warmer place for recovery or he may lose his life. As Nora has much love for Torvald, she borrows money in name of her father without telling Torvald about this. She offered him a yearlong holiday to Italy so that he can get back his good health. Nora works extra hard to repay the debt that she took for trip but she never makes Torvald to know about this debt.
One day, Mrs Linde, Nora’s old friend, pays visit to her. Nora tells about her secret of incurring debt but she doesn’t tell her from whom she borrowed money. Then comes the antagonist character of the story, Krogstad. Krogstad is a person who works in a bank who is managed by Torvald. Torvald hates him so much that he wants to fire him. He doesn’t like Krogstad’s presence as it gives him bad vibes. Actually,...

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...comes to them drunk. After some talks, Nora wishes him goodbye. Then Torvald opens letter of Krogstad and comes to know about Nora’s fraudulent activities of past. He throws attack of angry words to Nora without understanding why she done all this. He even restricts her from being near to his children as her dirty character might influence them. But just then a letter from Krogstad arrives to Torvald saying that he will not blackmail them as he has changed his heart. Now Torvald becomes normal person and apologizes Nora for his behaviour. But Nora feels that she is being treated like a doll. She is being played by him instead of being understood by him. Her decision of Torvald is expressed as "But you don 't talk or think like the man I could bind myself to.” ( Ibsen 1237). She leaves Torvald for not understanding him for whom she is willing to risk her whole life.

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