Analysis Of Nkrumah 's Ghana Remained And Currently Exists Outside Of The Purview Of American Relations

Analysis Of Nkrumah 's Ghana Remained And Currently Exists Outside Of The Purview Of American Relations

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Nkrumah’s Ghana remained and currently exists outside of the purview of American relations in the developing world. In Korea and Vietnam, the United States considered military intervention as a necessity for its containment foreign policy. In these circumstances, the threat of possible communist infiltration warranted “boots on the ground.” Yet, in Ghana, where Nkrumah professed his support for Marxist-socialism and admiration for the eastern block, Americans remained publicly silent. The Central Intelligence Agency and Department of State watched Nkrumah and suspected him on aligning Ghana with the Soviet Union. These agencies briefed Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson with knowledge that Nkrumah imposed Soviet-like governance and socialist policies. Nkrumah looked unstable, but the United States continued its non-interventionist stance. There are even conflicting sources on the American intervention in Nkrumah’s ouster. I hope to provide better insight into why the United States allowed Nkrumah to exist at a political voice for the eastern bloc for nearly ten years and determine if the CIA orchestrated the fall of Nkrumah.
The CIA and State Department provided me with a wealth of primary sources related to US policy in Ghana. An archive of correspondences, memorandums, and intelligence estimates amongst internal power players in these departments aided in understanding the complex nature of U.S.-Ghana relations. These documents provide a definitive portrait of the United States’ position on Ghana. Interestingly, between 1957-1960, Ghana remained in favor with President Eisenhower, Congress, the CIA, and State Department. However, this relationship reflected the possible financial gains from the Volta River Dam Project....

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...(2) How did President Nkrumah become an adversary of the United States and ally of the Soviet Union? (3) Did Nkrumah’s foreign policy initiatives conflict with his personal ambitions and political ideology? I will arraign my paper through establishing a linear narrative that begins with Ghanaian independence. This section will provide the historical context and background of Ghanaian independence and Nkrumah’s political rise. Then, I will transition to Ghanaian relations with the superpowers and focus on a couple of key issues in reference to the United States. These include the Volta River Dam Project, the Congo Crisis, the African American response to Ghana, and examine the Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson and their relationship with Nkrumah. Finally, I will focus on Nkrumah and his faltering political power and prestige domestically and internationally.

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