Essay on Analysis Of Nicki And Julie On The Other Hand

Essay on Analysis Of Nicki And Julie On The Other Hand

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Nicki and Julie on the other hand, use men in a way that promotes them and/or help their own goals and characteristics. Nicki uses Max in order to obtain information about Videodrome while also trying to become a member of the show due to her sadomasochistic sexuality. Her actual relationship with Max may have only been for show since the only times Nicki is actually interested in him/wants to have sex with him, is if Videodrome is on. Nicki’s ulterior motives are almost lost on Max who only sees the program as a money making venture instead of a lifestyle choice. That’s the difference between Max and Nicki, she wants to become this person in the program while he wants to make money off of this interesting experiment. Nicki’s only motive is to engross herself with Videodrome and eventually become part of it, and she only uses Max as a vehicle to that goal. Julie, on the other hand, is not manipulating for the sake of her own physical needs but her emotional ones. She is at a crossroads in her life and uses the film set as a way to balance the mental processes she is going through. This does not go the way that she wants so she unconsciously becomes someone better for the sake of the crew and the film itself. In doing this, she uses the men around her to try and better her own mental condition and ends up seducing and ruining the relationships in her life. Both of these women use men in order to help themselves either mentally or physically. Their own well-being comes above others but in order to accomplish goals set out for them or their own desires they need the help of easily influenced men.
These two different groups of women each use men for their own self interest or the interest of those around them, but in the broadest te...

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...women in film, the social outlook of femininity in film creates a different viewing experience than if a man were on screen. In order to get past Hollywood’s misogynistic roles and attitudes towards women, more women be given the opportunity to create female centered content with less of a masculine screen presence. Jennie, Olivia, Nicki, and Julie are just some of the interesting characters introduced into repetative 50s-esque feminine stereotypes, but there are a plethora of females in film that have only existed to feed off of their male counterparts. Female characters are not simply limited to the roles that they play in the films that audiences love; the continuation of Hollywood filmmakers to write characters for women that are inferior and dependent on the male characters will lead to a lasting cycle of masculinity overpowering femininity in the films to come.

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