Analysis of Network Solutions, Inc. Performance Management System Essay

Analysis of Network Solutions, Inc. Performance Management System Essay

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In today’s knowledge-based economy, the need for skilled, well trained and highly motivated individual, for organizations to attract and retain high value people, rewards must be at least somewhat competitive. There have been arguments over what constitute the source of competitive advantage – human resources, or their effective management (Kazlauskaite & Bučiūniene, 2008). Human assets play a significant role in the creation and sustaining of any organisation. One cannot manage something unless you appraise it. Performance management is the process of assessing the proficiency through measurable indicators that can be thoroughly tracked to measure growth made in achieving set objectives. ‘One size fit all’ approach have been put to be destructive to an organization. Thus, different challenges require that organization must its build plans to suit the unique demands of the organization and these challenges offer its own design dilemma.

Analysis of Network Solutions, Inc. Performance Management system

The company used number rating form of measurement and was top to down command-and-control approach to direct and manage individuals’ behaviours and actions. Nonperforming employee employment gets terminated. The efficiency of this system is that it; enhance strategic decisions and control, Measuring and reporting performance gives management a major instrument to attain accountability at employee and organisational level. The disadvantages and negative result of this system is that the approach can destructive and often leads to a practice in which individual focus on delivering the measures but not the performance i.e. meeting the target but missing the point. For instance, “Incentives intended to encourage a high level of in...

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...rocesses and decision-making in the short and long term.


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