Essay about Analysis Of Neil Gaiman 's ' About Girls At Parties '

Essay about Analysis Of Neil Gaiman 's ' About Girls At Parties '

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How to Talk to Girls at a Party – Humans are Aliens
When I first read Neil Gaiman’s “How to Talk to Girls at Parties” I thought it was about two boys that stumbled upon a party where the girls turn out to be aliens. Vic was the self-confident, good looking teenager, at ease with the girls and Enn was the more intellectualtype and felt very awkwards around girls. These aliens are actually representations of the human aspect of life.
After stumbling upon what appears to be a typical party, music, dancing, girls, the boys enter the house thinking they were at the party they were invited too. There are a series of four girls introduced into the story. While Vic meets only one, Enn encounters three.
The first girl they meet is Stella. She is beautiful with blonde curly hair. Vic immediately claimed her for himself and left Enn to wander the rooms alone.
The next girl introduced into the story is Wain’s Wain. Enn encounters her in the conservatory although he is awkward and shy, “me sitting at the table wrapped in awareness and shyness” (Gaiman 231) he ask her what her name was. “Wain’s Wain, she said, or something that sounded like it.” (Gaiman 231).
Wain’s Wain, was sent by her mother to discover and evaluate Earth. She represents the changes in human life. She wasn’t born perfect so she questioned,“ Would I be retained or eliminated” ( Gaiman 231). She was relieved to be retained, but she had to travel to earth while her more perfect sisters remained stable and protected. “Now “I travel and my more perfect sisters remain at home in stasis. They were firsts I am second” (Gaiman 231). She refers to our crowed and polluted world, but still recognizing the beauty, “I had expected it to be bigger, cleaner and more colorful...

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...ories that are written
"We knew that it would soon be over, and so we put it all into a poem, to tell the universe who we were, and why we were here, and what we said and did and thought and dreamed and yearned for. We wrapped our dreams in words and patterned the words so that they would live forever, unforgettable." (Gaiman 235)

In the end we realize all of these “aliens” are actually representing the phases of the human race. Wain’s Wain, the masks and physical changes we make. The Gap-toothed girl, represents the obsession with the physical form. Triolet represents the knowledge and continuation of life in one form or another and Stella represents the overall mask of the human race. When Vic tried to get close she exposed who she really was. She represents that people who appeared to be beautiful on the outside, yet much different as to what is on the inside.

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