Analysis Of ' My Mother 's `` Limited `` English `` Essay

Analysis Of ' My Mother 's `` Limited `` English `` Essay

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Tan communicates that her mother’s “limited” English also limited her perception of her mother’s thoughts. She stated, “I believe that her English reflected the quality of what she had to say.” This statement struck a relatable feeling within me because I too have grown up with a mother whose English is limited. Unlike the author, however, my mother is American but with little education. I often find myself spelling everyday words such as “Success” or “accommodate” and the gut wrenching feeling of guilt that ensues because I feel a superiority of intelligence over her. The way that Amy explained how bank associates or department store associates did not take her mother seriously hit home in the fact that due to my mother’s shortage of intelligible words, she too is never taken seriously or given good service. It is then that I find myself telling the associate the educated version of when my mother would say, “yawl need to fix that, uh uh!” in her heavy southern drawl and they’d follow with, “excuse me?” However, in all my hesitation, I feel as though I have a responsibility to enlig...

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