Essay on Analysis Of ' My Mistress ' Eyes Are Nothing Like The Sun '

Essay on Analysis Of ' My Mistress ' Eyes Are Nothing Like The Sun '

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Critical Research Essay #2
The poem that I chose to analyze is "My mistress ' eyes are nothing like the sun". It is the one hundred and thirtieth in a series of sonnets written by William Shakespeare and it’s one of his most famous as well. In this work, the narrator describes his lover in a way that parodies the other love poems that were common in Shakespeare’s day. In this essay, I’ll explore what exactly the poem is saying, how it says it, and what the poet wanted us, the readers, to take from it. I will then discuss my feelings regarding this piece of literature.
In Elizabethan England, usually sonnets were written in a similar style to that of Francesco Petrarch. Petrarch wrote a series of sonnets in which he compliments his mistress’ using a considerably large number of metaphors like those that Shakespeare parodies in this piece of literature. When this poem was written, most of these metaphors and comparisons were considered as cliché as they are today. However, the techniques were still used to write sonnets that compared nature with the beauty of women. There are many ways in which Shakespeare’s poems completely flip the common techniques used in that day. This love poem, for instance, mocks the usual comparisons by presenting a narrator who is blatantly honest with the audience. Shakespeare I believe set out to draw attention to the fact that if one were to consider the literal meanings of the comparisons it would be laughable.
“My mistress ' eyes are nothing like the sun”; this metaphor comparing a lover’s eyes to the shining sun was, at the time, often used in the writing of popular sonnets, and was even used by Shakespeare himself a few times. If an individual’s eyes really did shine like the son I don’t think it ...

... middle of paper ...

...this was a much better love poem than most of its time. It may not have sounded as pretty or over-romanticized the idea of love, but it brought love down to Earth. By presenting his lover as an imperfect being he made his poem feel more real and the audience is more able to relate to it personally. I know that my skin is not perfectly white, my voice is not more beautiful than music, my eyes do not shine like the sun, and I’m probably the furthest thing from a goddess to ever walk the Earth. However, I know that I am loved and the love that I’ve experienced in my lifetime is the best kind of love because it is real. Their love is imperfect, but that makes it truer, in a sense, than that of the exaggerated and unrealistic accounts within other sonnets. The poet is asserting that divine comparisons are not relevant, for his beloved is beautiful without being a goddess.

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