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Analysis Of ' Mr. Robot ' Essay

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Quotes from "Mr. Robot" that SOC Managers Will Understand

If you manage a security operations center, you may already be familiar with the television series, "Mr. Robot." Just in case you have never heard of the show, the main character, Elliot, is a security engineer by day and a hacker by night who falls in with a group of socially conscious "hacktivists." The show 's writers have penned numerous lines that have special meaning to SOC managers.

"We are in a war."
One skirmish does not win a war. You might be successful at fending off an attack, but the hackers will return. Because the war is still underway, you can never afford to drop your guard just because you have won a battle or two.

"Control is an illusion."
Sooner or later, you are going to get hacked — if it has not already happened. You cannot control the enterprise network or hackers. The only way you can have any control over the situation is to accept that you have no control.

"Believe what you want, but neither you nor I are special."
Even some SOC managers fall into a false sense of security, believing that hackers would not be interested in their organization. They reason that since the company does not maintain files on customers ' credit cards, have an extensive research program or deal with confidential data, it is safe from hackers. However, if you think about all of the data stored on your server, including personnel records, vendor information or employee passwords, you will see that there are still tidbits of information that hackers could put to malicious use. The "it can 't happen here" mentality can have dire consequences.

"And unfortunately, we 're all human."
Humans can make mistakes. They can overlook an important detail or fail to recognize a v...

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..." As an SOC manager, are you ready to do what it takes to protect your organization, or are you going to adopt the "wait and see" approach?

If you are ready to be proactive, then you need to be prepared to respond to incidents in a timely, efficient and logical manner. You will need an incident response plan, a qualified response team and test runs to ensure that the team knows what to do and how to react to every type of incident. This can help you avoid having to hear yet another quote from "Mr. Robot," which is: " I don’t know what I’m supposed to do."

Summary: "Mr. Robot," the hit television series, is one of the few shows to ever explore the world of IT security engineers and hackers. It has provided many memorable lines that resonate with SOC managers.

LinkedIn: If you manage a security operations center, you might appreciate these quotes from "Mr. Robot."

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