Analysis Of Mitch Albom 's Story Inspires And Awakens The Soul Essay

Analysis Of Mitch Albom 's Story Inspires And Awakens The Soul Essay

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Forgiveness, love, relationships and death are the forces that drive the human mind and body to become vessels of life. Absent of these precious gifts and to experience them, would imply that we have lost all sense of humanity. How can a living person walk without a path and endure the journey without emotion, to face the inescapable end of their existence and expect to be remembered? Learning how to embrace those human experiences and incorporate them as a higher purpose in life is the first step toward building an everlasting connection to loved ones and the world. Mitch Albom’s story inspires and awakens the soul which guides every person towards the road to a beautiful life and a meaningful death.
How then humanity begins to embrace Morrie’s Philosophies in order to achieve meaningful and cheerful lives? Parenthood is one of the major stages we face as adults where all of these conditions and afflictions are present. Every day we are confronted with choices that affect the people we love. Commonly, in the case of single mothers, there is the guilt of negligence and lack of consistency; mothers who work day and night, and are unable to attend the important occasions such as graduation day, holidays, and even birthday parties. Such devastating depravities fill the heart with guilt and cripple a young mother’s ability to move forward. Forgiveness is the only way a mother can overcome this obstacle in life as Morrie said to Mitch: “accepting the past as past, without denying it or discarding it” (p.18). “We also need to forgive ourselves, for all the things we didn’t do, all the things we should have done” (p.164). Morrie reminds us that we can’t dwell on the mistakes we have made, we could only reflect on them, learn from ...

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...e are the best of friends and share a passion for life and love one another deeply. Instinctively, we have cultivated a profound commitment to each other and to building a solid future that will only evolve into a lasting connection. Morrie asked, “What if today was my last day on earth?” (p.64). If it were my last day to live, I would go on a date with my honey.
As shown in Mitch Albom’s story, Morrie’s experience stirs a soup of emotions: anger, fear, sadness, regret, doubt, shame, remorse, guilt, and despair; but it also awakens a revelation of what is our purpose in life. It reminds us that we can become teachers and students of life; leaders and saviors of others, defiant but submissive to the truth. Amidst the shadow of unforeseeable events, we are still human beings with a passion for loving others. That was Morrie’s legacy and his most precious gift.

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