Analysis Of Michael Rose 's ' Washington 's War ' Essay

Analysis Of Michael Rose 's ' Washington 's War ' Essay

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In Michael Rose’s “Washington’s War”, the ignorance of what rallied the American Colonies to rebel against King George III is similar to president Bush’s inability to recognize the motivations of Islamic extremist terrorists (3:1). The leaders and military officials of the invading sides exhibited unremarkable levels of self-delusion and ignorance as to why the invaded countries rebelled. The British army and the modern US military equally lacked adaptive strategies to counter their oppositions. Finally, the biggest Achilles’ heel of both the British and the Modern US forces was their superfluous arrogance and hubris.
The British Crown when dealing with the American colonial insurgency failed to realize who and what their enemy was. The Americans when dealing with the Iraqi insurgency experienced similar if not the exact same predicament. King George III and George Bush both felt a need to put down these rebellions because of their own self-delusions. King George III thought if the American colonies were not under the protection of the British, then there is no conceivable way that civilized society can exist (15:2). Similarly, George Bush the Iraqi people cannot flourish and be successful without a democratic government in place (15:2). Michael Rose takes a quote from General Howe, a British general during the American Revolution time, that describes the confidence of the British generals about how little the support of the colonial rebels is (20:1). The generals perceived this insurgency as only a few colonists and that the majority of the American colony supports the British. Both the British army and US forces envisioned a warm welcome and the support of the locals, and incidentally, both received almost quite the opposite....

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...more support. This only continued to waste resources and prove time again that their tactics are not decisive enough to put down the insurgencies. The arrogance of both sides and the idea that they would have the support of the civilians was constantly wrong and quite the opposite. Destruction of important buildings and mistreatment of prisoners by the invading forces proved to be detrimental to their cause of putting down the insurgencies. The irony of the conflicts is very significant. The US gained its independence using the exact same tactics the Iraqi insurgency is using (ix:1). When the same strategies are used against the US, they appear as if they have no idea what to do. The comparison between the American Revolutionary War and the Iraqi insurgency best exemplifies two important facts. War never changes, and history seems to find a way to repeat itself.

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