Analysis Of ' Mending Wall ' By Robert Frost Essay

Analysis Of ' Mending Wall ' By Robert Frost Essay

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The setting in "Mending Wall" by Robert Frost is crucial to the theme that it is human tendency to build barriers in some form whether they are emotional or physical ones. Frost 's description of the wall separating the two properties as well gives us a clear idea of the differences in the neighbors. The way Frost formed his poem by not using a rhyme scheme, no stanzas, a very specific amount of lines and syllables paints a picture of the wall. The author heavily focuses on the perspective of the narrator to further highlight the idea that boundaries aren 't necessarily a bad thing if we question the purpose of our walls that we put up.
When you picture the setting of the place described in Frost 's poem you can almost see two very large properties on the countryside. Separating two properties is a wall made from boulders, smaller rocks and seems to be falling apart, giving you the image of an older ancient rock wall. There are two very different landscapes along this wall, on the narrator 's side it is lined with an apple orchard and a man who we can assume is energetic, outgoing and colorful, just like his apple orchard. In contrast, the speakers neighbor has pine trees lining his side of the wall and gets described as "An old-stone savage" (line 40). You can assume that they meet in the spring to repair the wall and that the harsh environment of the winters cause a "Frozen-ground-swell under it, and spills the upper boulders in the sun" (2-3) and it aids in destroying this wall. These long harsh winters cause the two neighbors to be kept up in their homes and rebuilding this wall every year is a chance to establish a relationship but the neighbors have two very different perspectives on rebuilding the wall.
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...along the wall while it almost just becomes a game with no deeper purpose and they rebuild it in silence.

This wall is very ironic; it was built by the neighbor to separate the two properties suggesting the neighbor wants nothing to do with the speaker but when he insists on repairing it brings the two together every year. By the end of the poem you get the impression that this is not about the literal wall but the different perspectives on boundaries that separate them. The neighbor is perhaps too afraid to let people into his life and that 's why he stays so quiet and insists on having this wall. Whereas the speaker believes that it might be time to forget about the wall lower our guard so we can forge a connection with someone we wouldn 't normally consider and become more involved with one another giving us the opportunity to indulge in richer life experiences.

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