Analysis Of ' Men Without Women ' Essay

Analysis Of ' Men Without Women ' Essay

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Misogyny is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as the hatred and lack of respect of women. Hemingway appeared to have a misogynistic view of females, and that was evident in his writing. One of his novels, MEN WITHOUT WOMEN, contains quite a few female characters that are portrayed in a negative manner. Although these women were distinctly different, they all shared some common aspects. The following will explore the mistreatment of three of these women. I will analyze the similarities of each of these women, and I will attempt to bring to light how they are terribly treated. My claims will be backed up by thorough descriptions of the treatment of each woman,
Firstly, Jig from “Hills Like White Elephants” was in a highly controlling relationship. Her partner, the American, wanted her to follow through with an abortion even though she did not fully agree. The American did not seem to care about starting a family with her, which hints that he is using her. Jig is also a passive character, allowing the American to make decisions for her in order to make him happy.
Secondly, in the short story “10 Indians,” Nick Adams was in love with an Indian girl named Prudence. Early on in the story, Prudence was compared to a skunk. Shortly after, the other characters teased Nick about being in love with her. This shows that the characters in this story think of Prudence in a negative manner. Nick’s father then fabricated a tale about her, saying that she was “having fun” with another man in the woods. The father was more than willing to destroy Prudence’s reputation in order to save his son’s.
Lastly, the deceased wife in “An Alpine Idyll” was a prime example of negative treatment of women in this book. She passed away in the winter, t...

... middle of paper ...

...racters that used manipulation in order to obtain what they wanted, consequently robbed these women of their very dignity. One last negative aspect of the treatment of these women is that they were either literally or figuratively dead. One woman was truly deceased, one was metaphorically killed when she was stripped of her character, and the last figuratively killed her herself when she disregarded her own aspirations.
In conclusion, each of these women were mistreated. Jig was controlled, Prudence was given a false image, and the deceased wife was treated like an object for her husband’s pleasure. There were also a couple similarities between these characters; each of them were powerless, manipulated, and literally or metaphorically dead. These women have lost their very essence at the hands of those that mistreated them, ultimately making them women without men.

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