Analysis Of Meister Eckhart 's Sermons Essay

Analysis Of Meister Eckhart 's Sermons Essay

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Meister Eckhart’s sermons talks about how the person lives in eternity, attachment with god, external and internal poverty. In the Heart Sutra it says that form is emptiness and emptiness is a form. It is based the control over the senses and the mind. The two works describe a different spiritual path. In Heart Sutra, the spiritual path occurs through control over the senses. In Eckhart’s sermons, the spiritual path occurs through attachment to God.
The Heart Sutra is the practice and perfection of wisdom. “There are the five skandhas: form, sensations, perceptions, memory, and consciousness. They are how we are aware. Form is the solid object. For example a hot stove. Sensation is the act of the sense contacting the object. The skin feels, the eye sees, the ears hear. For example when the skin comes in contact with a hot stove. Perception is the first sensational awareness of the object. For example the skin becomes hot when it touches the stove. Impulse is the unconscious reaction to the object. We place our hand on a hot stove and remember it is hot and pull away, before we even touch it. Consciousness is mental awareness of the object. One feels the heat on the hand and thinks, "Ouch!" (The Heart Sutra and Key Concepts of Buddhism). The Heart Sutra continues, with Avalokiteshvara explaining that all skandhas are expressions emptiness, or empty of inherent characteristics. Because the skandhas are empty of characteristics, they are neither born nor destroyed; neither pure nor defiled (10-11). Just like the other feelings or sensations, the emptiness is not what it says in the readings, it’s not birth…etc. has nothing to do with it, emptiness is a form of control of mind. As Heart Sutra says, “Without walls of the mind...the...

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...h is spiritual in nature. When a person achieves that power then he feels a deep joy like heaven for life. Eckhart explains two kind of poverty and says that as long as you have the will to perform God’s will and desire of eternity and for God, you are not yet poor. A poor person is someone who desires nothing, knows nothing and possesses nothing. A poor is who cling to his own egos in external devotions. In the Heart Sutra it says that form is emptiness and emptiness is a form. It is based the control over the senses and the mind. Therefore to conclude the topic we can say that Heart Sutra teaches us the practice to reach in peaceful state. And Eckhart teaches us to be free of self-knowledge and sense that God lives in soul.

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