Essay about Analysis of Mayo Angelou’s Poems

Essay about Analysis of Mayo Angelou’s Poems

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Mayo Angelou’s Poems
Mayo Angelou’s poetry occupies a very special position in her development as a writer (Balance 1). As a child, Angelou went through five years of complete silence after she was raped at the age of seven years old by a man named Mr. Freeman. As a result of telling her family members about her traumatic experience, her uncle’s literally kicked the man that raped her to death. Beings she spoke of her traumatic experience and the result of the man dying, she then imagined that her voice had the potentional to kill. Thanks to her teacher, Bertha Flowers, at school Angelou started writing poetry as a means of expression of her life events through her poetry. Poetry thus played an essential part in the recovery of her voice, which in turn signaled the success of the healing process (Balance 1).
Maya Angelou’s poetry is tied to her life experiences as a child and an adult. Angelou first started her writing in her thirties. “The pattern emerging from those events is that of a person’s struggle to establish, as Dolly A. McPherson says of Angelou’s autobiographies, “order out of chaos,” a struggle to relate her personal experience to the general condition of African Americans, so that the individual’s chaotic life is given order through the awareness of being related to the communal experience (Balance 1). Angelou’s poetry also bears out this struggle, which Pricilla Ramsey characterizes as the transformation of “the elements of a stultifying and personal, social, political and historical milieu into a sensual and physical refuge” (Balance 1).
Maya Angelou shares her thoughts on life and death in her poem called “The Lesson”. In this poem, Angelou coveys the message that the more a person endures hardships the more...

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...mparing them to pleasant feel of sunshine to miserable downpour of rain or in otherwise when people say, “When it rains, it pours”. Also, the repetition of the use of natural elements in her poem adds to this poem by allowing the readers to get to know her and how she is connected to nature while giving us a strong sense of the outdoors. She speaks of “Sun, rain, curving sky mountain, oceans, lead and stone” in outdoor scenarios. They come into great effect because out of all the things she may mention, she mentions the peaceful, and the most relaxful places such as the ocean and mountains where people tend to daydream and get away from reality for a bit. She mentions areas where one can get lost; giving us an insight into her conscience.
Mayo Angelo defines beauty in her poetry with contract of dominate mascularity and feminity in her poem “Phenomenal Woman”

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