Analysis of Masters of War, by Bob Dylan Essay

Analysis of Masters of War, by Bob Dylan Essay

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The 1960’s was a time of war and fear for the United States and many people were turning their accusations towards the government. “Masters of War” was written by Bob Dylan in late 1962 and early 1963. The focus of this song is a protest against the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis that was happening during the early 1960’s. The song is protesting on the American government having its citizens live in fear of a constant attack and hiding behind their shroud, unaffected by anything that would happen to the people. It shook the nation with its fierce and angry tone against the “military industrial complex.” Dylan’s lyrics stated that it was not contained by declaring a pointless war and not taking responsibility for the problems it was causing. “Masters of War” is a powerful song against the government and the military. The protest song “Masters of War” by Bob Dylan highlights how the looming aspect of the Cold War affected the people of the United States and demonstrates Dylan’s view on the governments involved.
The 1960’s was a decade of war for the United States government. From the Cold War with the Cuban Missile Crisis to the uprisings about the Vietnam War, the United States government has something to keep them busy (“Cold War”). During the 1960’s politics was something that was up in the air for the United States. The Cuban Missile Crisis was a major factor in politics for this time period. Many decisions were made that had both the Americans and the Soviets on their toes. Bob Dylan composed the song in late 1962-early 1963, when the biggest scare came from the Cold War. As the missiles moved closer the tensions grew higher, which finally led to a compromise for the Soviets to remove the missiles from Cuba if the US re...

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