Essay on Analysis Of Mary Hood 's ' How Far She Went '

Essay on Analysis Of Mary Hood 's ' How Far She Went '

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Love and or the lack of love affects all people differently. The lack of love can cause guilt, and make some people feel unwanted. Love can make us realize that those around us are more than strangers, they are the ones who truly have our backs even in the darkest of times. Mary Hood’s story “How Far she went” tells us about some of the ways love can affect people. The story starts out with granny taking care of her granddaughter, because the granddaughter’s father can no longer take care of her. The granny and the granddaughter often do not see eye to eye with each other and therefor it causes them to bicker and at times leave each other’s company abruptly.
The granddaughter is the first to show how the lack of love, in her mind, from her father affects her. Granny tells her that her father would like her to cash in the plane ticket home to buy school clothes for where the granny lives. Mykel says on their blog called Short Story Blogs!!, “Most of the story talks about how the grandmother and girl clash, and it also gives us a small hint about how the girl and her fathers relationship is.” The granny and the granddaughter most certainly do clash, but the story also talks briefly about how the granddaughter feels about her father sending her to live with her granny. She feels unwanted as the story says on page 282 says, “Pale, the girl stared, defenseless only an instant before blurting out, ‘You’re lying.’” As a reader this sentence makes me feel sorry for the delinquent granddaughter. Her father does not want her to come home, instead he wants her to live with her granny. This sense of rejection of love by her own father causes the granddaughter to lash out at the granny. Page 282 also says, “’Scatter the Holy Bible like confett...

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..., stupid, helpful, amazing things all in the name of love. The lack of love can cause us to do stupid things like go off with older boys who threaten our granny’s. The lack of love can cause us to feel guilty for most of our lives, always wondering why. In this case it was why did I not love her, and how could I not love her. The amazing thing about love though is that when we are going through our darkest times we can count on those people who love us to be there if we need them. When we love someone they can count on us being there for them even if they do not necessarily want our help, or have been unkind to us in the past. The granny was there to help the granddaughter even when she did not want it at first, telling her granny that it was just a bike ride. The granny was also there when she sacrificed her dog for the granddaughter to help keep both of them alive.

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