Analysis Of Martin Luther King 's ' The King I Have A Dream Speech And Bernie Sanders Presidential Speeches '

Analysis Of Martin Luther King 's ' The King I Have A Dream Speech And Bernie Sanders Presidential Speeches '

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“Rhetoric is the art of ruling the minds of men” (Plato). This is part of the theme in both Martin Luther King I Have a Dream speech and Bernie Sanders presidential speeches. Using Rhetoric, it does not only influence the words, but also the audience. Martin Luther King and Bernie Sanders are both great inspirational leaders that want their audience to hear their voices. Martin Luther King is a civil right activist that is for the people by wanting equal rights. He wants the blacks and whites to come together and end segregation and non-violence. Bernie Sanders is a democratic socialist that is for the people by wanting human rights. He wants all people to live a better life with no struggles. In both of their speeches, Martin Luther King and Bernie sander begins building their authority, credibility and character to establish their sources they used. They also persuade their audience by their sense of identity, their self-interest, and their emotions and on the other hand, they persuade their audience by the use of arguments and their opinions that they will distinguish by telling what they will do for the country.
In the year 1963, Martin Luther King favorite speech I Have a Dream was said on August 28th. His I Have a Dream speech was designed to inspire thousands of people in Washington, D.C, to consider a world in which black and white children could learn and grow together. The message served as a powerful force in motivating political leaders and citizen activists to push for greater equality and the end of segregation. This speech had a dominant effect on Africans Americans and the society. It made an impact from the moment the suffering people were uttered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Ancestors, protestors, bla...

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...ifferent from Martin Luther King speech, but they both showed that they are a people’s person and want to help their people do better to become better. To conclude, Sanders are running for the president as of now to protect and help us and Dr. King will always be remembered by the ways he protected and fought for us. The Three Rhetorical Appeals are the leading plans used to motivate and persuade an audience and are also important to understand when building or analyzing an argument. Bernie Sanders and Martin Luther King use each appeal wisely to grab their audience attention and to see how they plan on helping the Americans and why they plan on helping the American to become successful in the future. Just like both of the great leaders, Sanders and King, they want their people to become great leaders as wells to make it out, move forward in life and get to the top.

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