Analysis Of Mahendra And Chitra Have Been Dating For Four Year Essay

Analysis Of Mahendra And Chitra Have Been Dating For Four Year Essay

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Mahendra and Chitra have been dating for four year. They are both Indian decent living together in Jamaica Hills, New York in a small apartment. Mahendra and Chitra have been engaged for the past two years of their relationship and they are preparing for a traditional Indian style wedding with over three hundred people invited. They met at Mahendra’s brother’s wedding but their parents, who are helping to put on this extravagant wedding, have been friends for about seventeen years. Mahendra is twenty-nine years’ old, and has recently passed the bar; however, he is currently unemployed. Mahendra would like to wait until he has found a job before getting married. Mahendra does not like doing chores and relies on Chitra to do most of the household work. Mahendra knew growing up that if he waited long enough his mom would do any chores she had ask him to do. He feels that his compliance wasn’t based on when the work was done, but he would do them in his on time. His mother and Chitra disagreed. They felt that if you planned to do it then you should do it. So, he grew up in a house where his mom was in the role of homemaker and it was basically her job to take care of the house. Chitra is 28, straight out of college she stated working as a corporate paralegal. Her parents share the responsibility of household chores and she has an issue with Mahendra because of her perspective that they should share the household chores as well. Chitra has unrealistic ideas about the marriage, she believes if they are married that Mahendra should take more of an active role in the household chores.
Theoretical fountain
Family system theory states that everything that happens to any of the family members impact on everyone else in the family...

... middle of paper ... than the one before it (David H. Olson, John DeFrain, and Linda Skogrand , 2014, p.75).
Mahendra and Chitra have a very supportive family. Apparent in this family are strengths as warmth, caring, affection, and commitment. People in strong families care deeply for one another, and they let each other know it regularly (David H. Olson, John DeFrain, and Linda Skogrand , 2014, p.82). They have a model of a healthy family. Both of their families had to go through a lot to stay together. They face adversity and experienced hard ships, but still came out of it happy. They love each other and love can cover a multitude of sins. The fact that they have difference can enhance them to become stronger. They are both learning to compromise Mahendra tries to take a more active role involved with household chores. Chitra tries to use more positive communication.

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