Essay on Analysis Of Lupe Fiasco 's Song ' Words I Never Said '

Essay on Analysis Of Lupe Fiasco 's Song ' Words I Never Said '

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Speak Out
In Lupe Fiasco 's song "Words I Never Said," he collaborates with Skylar Grey to bring awareness to hard topics that no one wants to converse about, by expressing his own emotions, supplying factual evidence, and challenging the credibility to back up his statements. Throughout the song, Fiasco gives his opinion on subjects he finds important, like conspiracy theories, terrorism, and drugs. After rapping about all these issues and more, Fiasco explains, why it is important to stand up and talk about the unfair and unjust problems in the world, instead of being afraid of what people think. Fiasco 's purpose of the song is successful because he exemplifies the feelings that the audience can relate to and uses metaphors, alliteration, and facts to explain his reasoning. He succeeds in persuading his audience, by bringing up his own judgments on real life events, supporting those judgments with convincing proof, and then connects with his listener 's on an emotional scale. His message is to speak out and the response is a positive one.
The chorus in the song stresses, to the listener, the feeling of regret that someone experiences if they don’t open up their mouths about wrongdoings. By Grey singing "As I drown in my regrets -- I can 't take back the words I never said"(3-4), she portrays the emotional turmoil within someone that has not said what they really feel. As the chorus repeats throughout the entire song, the audience is being reminded of a decision to either speak out or say nothing at all. In verse one, Fiasco spins together his own beliefs and opinions that forces the audience to question their way of thinking and perceiving major, historic events. His theories are shown when he raps "How much money do...

... middle of paper ...

...ords they never said.
Fiasco will have critics that disagree with him and his unique ideals on diverse arguments but the majority of his listeners will praise his efforts. His passion for wanting to make a difference can be sensed through the tone of the song throughout its entirety and it leaves the audience with an inspired feeling. They are persuaded not only by his obvious deep feelings on the subject but also by the accurate verification that he provides and his persistence to test the credibility of those who would otherwise lie about being reliable. Yes, not all of Fiasco 's opinions will be supported or agreed upon but what makes him triumphant in his feet to convince his audience, is that he does not require all of his audience to respond positively to his statements. He only needs enough to listen, comprehend what he is saying, and then they speak out too.

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