Analysis Of ' Luna Flower Bates And Elijah James Bates ' Essays

Analysis Of ' Luna Flower Bates And Elijah James Bates ' Essays

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Days in the 90’s in the gorgeous San Diego, California were peaceful and beautiful for the Bates’. Luna Flower Bates and Elijah James Bates only had each other, but they loved it. They didn’t have to worry about family matters like reunions and blasted birthday wishes over the phone. After 4 years of being together and 2 years of being married, Luna and Elijah decided they were well off and happy enough to have a baby, proud of themselves that their love had lasted this long and that it would last for eternity. The 9 months were hell for the two of them, Luna continued to stay sick constantly and Elijah couldn’t do anything but worry over her and his son. After what seemed like an eternity, they had made it, late August 12 their beautiful baby boy was born. They hadn’t decided upon a name for the little monkey yet, wanting it to come to them once he was born, that’s when the loving couple named their perfect little boy Everette Wilder Bates. The new parents believed they were perfect for handling the baby on their own and not going insane. Inside though, they both knew they were going nuts, but they wouldn’t show each other, too ritius and stubborn to think they weren’t perfect. As Everette’s cries would fill the room, the two would argue on who’s turn it was and wound up to Elijah hitting Luna for the first time in their years being together.

After that first time, it began a routine, something had snapped in Elijah’s brain. It had started from hitting her once a month, to once a week. He saw the pain he caused in Luna and began drinking the guilt away rather than facing it, staying away from Everette so that he wouldn’t damage him like he did his wife. This caused their son to be closer with his mom as he grew older, loving her...

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...g to turn to a gray, tears filling his own green hues. After a couple hours he finally got up from the floor and called 911. As he waited for them to arrive he sat in the room, balled up against the wall, watching as his parents blood puddled in the sheets, mixing with each other and sending a new scent through the air that he would soon love in the future. After that night, he left San Diego, refusing to talk to anyone, wanting to be my himself. A darkness began to swallow the male whole, a darkness that would never let him go ever again. He moved into Pasadena and spent many nights at bars and clubs, getting free drinks by flirting with the bartenders. Another male had been watching him and soon caught him as he was headed towards his apartment, the male offered him a job and Everette grew curious, accepting whatever the job may be as he needed the money to get by.

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