Analysis Of Lucille Clifton 's ' Forgiving My Father ' Essay

Analysis Of Lucille Clifton 's ' Forgiving My Father ' Essay

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"Forgiving My Father", a poem written by Lucille Clifton, is about a relationship between a daughter and her father. Lucille Clifton is a female poet/author for several poems and children 's book. She was born in 1936 "in a small town near Buffalo, New York"; she attended Howard University, and she earned her teaching degree at Fredonia State Teacher 's College. She won numerous awards and recognitions, including an Emmy, for her works. She died in 2010 after a long battle with cancer. "Forgiving My Father" is part of the collection in her 1980 book Two-Headed Woman (Schilb and Clifford 270). In this poem, Clifton described a daughter 's memories of her father led her to become angry with him, sympathize with him, and eventually forgive him.
The poem starts out with the daughter 's visit to her father and demand for money; an old memory is haunting the daughter. feeding off her anger. The daughter calls the father "a ghost [who] stood in [her] dreams," indicating that he is dead and she is now reliving an unpleasant childhood memory as she stands in front of his grave, which make the setting takes place in a cemetery (Clifton 4, 3). Throughout the stanza, the poet use money-related analogy like, "payday" or "bills" to tells the reader that there is a financial issue between the two characters (Clifton 2, 5). She has come to "the paying of the bills," saying her father owns her the compensation for all the unhappiness he put her through, but the father always failed to make his payment (Clifton 5). Also, the poet mentions Friday, which is the most populous day for workers to get paid. The father was supposed to hand over his salary to his wife, but he never had any, possibly because he was unemployed since there was a few recess...

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... desperate, and trapped man (Clifton 20). She pities him. In the end, she decides to let bygone be bygone and forgive him. He is dead; what is the point of standing here being angry and collecting money from a poor old corpse. The father is forever in debt and he never will pay the money. Her only possible rational choice is to move on with life.
Through this poem, the poet is trying to say that family members may not always get along, but in the end, no matter how much bitterness or how deep the wound, they will find a way to forgive each other. The whole poem is developed around the theme of forgiveness and understanding. The daughter 's hatred for her father is resolved by understanding her father 's situation and she learns to forgive him. Even today, forgiveness is essential in driving the society forward, not just within the family, but also in the community.

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