Analysis Of ' Lucille Clifton ' Essay

Analysis Of ' Lucille Clifton ' Essay

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Lucille Clifton is a great poet, she made many great poems regarding to woman. Homage to My Hips is one of her famous creation that brought to many attention. Yet, instead of making a great poem about equality, what she made is a complete single sided opinion of oppressing men and putting women on top, and controlling others. As a conclusion, her poem are masked as an innocent woman’s body promotion, but the whole poem could be reread as a self-centered, manipulative sexism and hypocrisy promotion for extremist feminism.
From the beginning, she used “big hips” because woman have bigger hips than men for easy childbirth, which appeared she described herself as a woman. She said woman have their own free will, they can do what they wanted and nothing could hold it back. They are epic declaration of how woman have their own free will, skills and ability to do what they wanted. By claiming her hips are magic, she can manipulate men to spin like a top suggest she have the power to make men do what she wanted. This poem is a powerful ideal of feminist, for some people. While, for other, it is nothing other than claiming woman is the best, and dominating men is called “feminist”. After reread several times, the poem reveal more than just a message, it real the author’s true nature as feminism. What she wrote is not the idea of feminism, some could argue, it is just a masked sexism toward male as a hidden message.
There are countless way to describe her poem as self-centered. Feminist is about equality between men and woman. Yet, in the poem, there is very little information about men she mentioned. The poem is vastly about her or their own body, because she desperately focus on her image. While have no argument for men, what she said i...

... middle of paper ...

... around in.
[T]hey don’t fit into little
petty places.”
Those suggest “they” cannot fit together with others, have need to have a bigger, vast place for them to move, they cannot be oppresses in a suffocated environment as many does because she can. She said they are free and cannot be held back, made a clear point of ignorant and never look back at what behind her.
As a conclusion, her poem are masked as an innocent woman’s body promotion, but the whole poem could be reread as a self-centered, manipulative sexism and hypocrisy promotion for extremist feminism. She have made clear points of how woman can oppress man as much as they wanted because they are free and can do what they wanted. She shown the clear statement of how sexism can be affected to men, and the feminist is only focus on woman and ignoring the fact that men can also be a subject to discrimination.

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