Essay Analysis of Low Rider by War and Soul Sacrifice by Santana

Essay Analysis of Low Rider by War and Soul Sacrifice by Santana

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The songs that were played at the concert were Low Rider by War and Soul Sacrifice by Santana.
Low Rider by War is composed with a piano, guitar, hand percussion, a drum kit, and most importantly, the cowbell. The song is in the key of G major and uses only one chord, which is G. In our musical performance we used the F blues scale to improvise each of our solos. This is one of the easiest songs I have played because it only used one chord. This melody is cool because with mix of the mallet percussion and drums, it sounds almost sounds identical to the original recording. This is not my favorite song but it is, however, a song I enjoy playing.
Soul Sacrifice by Santana is composed with a piano, organ, hand percussion, guitar, saxophones, and a drum kit. This song is in the key of Am but in the middle of the song it changes to Dm. The chords use in this song are Am, C, and Dm. In our performance we used the A blues scale to improvise each of our solos. This is a very complex song because it uses a multitude of riffs, hand percussion and mallet solos, and the Latin ...

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