Essay about Analysis Of Lorrie Moore 's ' Sonny 's Blues '

Essay about Analysis Of Lorrie Moore 's ' Sonny 's Blues '

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In the introduction to 100 Years of the Best American Short Story, Lorrie Moore says, “A short story is about love. It is always about love. And yet it is not a love story.” Explain how this statement holds true in one of the stories we have read. How, specifically, is the story about love, but not a love story?

The quote from Lorrie Moore says, “A short story is about love. It is always about love. And yet it is not a love story.” Means that even though there is love of some kind in a story doesn’t mean that it has to be anything more than the love of a family member, a best friend, or the love people have for their pets. According to the short story “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin, the love between each individual family member is the love that concurs anything that is thrown at each family member. The love between the two brothers isn’t the kind of love that should be used in love stories, when the love is between a man and a woman but when it is the love that is between two siblings, that love each other is a very different type of love. Both of the brothers together can guide each other on the right path to a better life, and that life will have a sibling by their side at every step of the way. The story is about the love that the older brother has for his younger brother even though his baby brother was in jail for doing drugs, he still loved him and that feeling will not change as long as they are together.

Discuss the role of economic class in one of the stories we have read. How does affluence or poverty influence the story and its themes? How is the author using class to develop theme?

According to “The Gilded Six-Bits” By Zora Neale Hurston it says that Joe and Missie May are in an African- American community a...

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...le brother but they fought and after that they started to act like the other didn’t exist. It all changed when the narrator’s daughter died and the older brother realized that life is short so make every second count with everybody who loves you. The theme that Sonny’s Blues is interpreting with the 1st person point of view is the obligation towards Brotherly love that is combined with the feeling of Rage and anger towards Sonny. Brotherly love can come out in different ways but in the end Sonny and his brother loved each other very much. The feeling of rage and anger towards Sonny because of his drug addiction and dealing the drugs made Sonny’s older brother not talk to him for a long time while he was in jail. Sonny and his brother took the time they had after Sonny got out of jail to bond again and repair what sonny did to the family while doing drugs growing up.

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