Analysis Of Lorde 's Writing And Journal Entries Essay examples

Analysis Of Lorde 's Writing And Journal Entries Essay examples

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Following this event, we see a critical shift in Lorde’s writing and journal entries. Lorde contends “the emphasis upon the cosmetic after surgery reinforces society’s stereotype of women, that we are only what we look or appear, so this is the only aspect of our existence we need to address” (58). Women not only should be afforded prosthesis as a choice rather than requirement, the “ability to act [upon this choice] in public the public domain” is the right to her own story (Heilbrun 17). Considering the previous self-prescribed labels Lorde gave herself, one can envision her unwillingness to confirm to this particular societal pressure. Comparable to the multiple selves Kingston defined for each of her subjects in The Woman Warrior, Lorde subscribed to the idea that the “self is comprised of multiple concepts within the self and evolved from multiple external sources” (Alexander 696). She staunchly believed the wearing of a puff of lambs wool or a silicone breast form only encourages a woman to not deal with her own self, and its acceptance amounts to acquiescence to the powerful cultural mandate of silence (Major 44).
How then are women to alter the current course of societal pressure of conformity to gender norms when both men and women contribute to such oppression by maintaining their silence? Elizabeth Alexander suggests “without resistance, survival and growth are impossible in an unjust world [of socially created norms]” (705). Lorde contends that creating a new voice, a voice of true self, comprised by allowing each individual identity within one’s self to “touch, meet, cross, and blur” rather than accepting a socially created single voice can alter the discourse from othering into acceptance (21). Conforming to the so...

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...ll not be] defined at all” (Alexander 695). In her credo of life, Lorde refuses to be divisible and schizophrenic-like, but rather speaks through the differences of all her selves, and “calls upon [women] to take personal accountability for and in the transformation from silence into action, by self-examination, consciousness raising, and personal transformation of self in relationship with and to community” (Alexander 713 and Olson 62). As we learned from Klaus, “One’s voiceprint is unique, like one’s fingerprint. It is a sound so distinctive to each person—a singular combination of pitch tone, timbre, and inflection” (45). I contend invoking such actions suggested by Lorde would be a first necessary step in liberating women from the social nature of self that mutes the powerful voiceprint of one’s multiple identities speaking in unity educing change for our future.

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