Essay about Analysis Of ' Lord Of The Flies '

Essay about Analysis Of ' Lord Of The Flies '

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The Author of lord of the flies illustrates a great example of the three Sigmund Freud Models which contain Superego, ego, and id. Super ego means always performing the right thing. Ego is the realistic part that settles between the desires of the id and the superego, lastly, the unorganized part of the personality structure that contains a human 's basic describes id. In William Golding 's Lord of the Flies, the characters Piggy, Ralph, and Jack demonstrate Sigmund Freud 's Model of the human mind. The Freudian terms superego, ego, and id best represent Piggy, Ralph, and Jack in the narrative.
To begin, Lord of the Flies shows many examples of the superego in the narrative as Piggy. Piggy is the fattest of the boys and has asthma, Piggy becomes known as the most disabled and vulnerable, excluding the little kids. Piggy becomes recognized as by far the most intelligent and wise one of the entire group and always wants to enforce whatever seems appropriate and right. The super-ego of Piggy greatly represents the civilized society and the need for it. Piggy comes across many unsafe situations because of his disabilities. Therefore, he needs a society to help him handle with his problems. Towards the beginning of the story when the boys stand on the top of the mountain, Piggy constantly warns mainly Ralph like a parent for not making very smart and wise decisions. For example, Piggy exclaimed Ralph for not taking any notice of the little ones, for not making sure they constructed a list of names, for not taking caution with the small fire on top of the mountain which ended up catching half the forest on fire, and lastly for the death of the birthmark boy which resulted from the forest fire. As Piggy realizes yet again anot...

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... characters Piggy, Ralph, and Jack display Sigmund Freud 's model of the human mind as shown in William Golding 's Lord of the Flies. The Freudian terms superego, ego, and id very closely represents Piggy, Ralph, and Jack in the story. Piggy, known as the superego, contributes to the main idea that things need to remain in order and right. Piggy demonstrates the total extreme of living correct. The ego consists of just the right balance between the superego and the id. Not always to scared of making the wrong decisions and not to crazy to make bad decision carelessly. This balance makes Ralph very well rounded individual and leader. Jack plays the role of the id. Id demonstrates the total extreme of living an evil life. Throughout the book Jack acts how ever he wants when ever he pleases. So go and enforce a ego based lifestyle like Ralph 's healthy lifestyle.

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