Analysis Of Lesson On The Student Body Essay

Analysis Of Lesson On The Student Body Essay

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Analysis of Lesson
Science Lesson

Every teacher I have observed has had a different method of recording lessons, and many different delivery strategies. Many times teachers are able to simply note what the task of the day is and do the rest during class time. This kind of lesson planning comes with many years of experience, but even the most experienced teacher will have things in their lesson that worked well, and things that did not work well. Typically these things change based on the student body. Some students do really well with group learning, while others struggle with simple social tasks making group work impossible. The key to a good lesson is knowing your students, and knowing when things need to be let go or changed throughout your lesson.
I observed an eighty minute science class in which there was class discussion and group work. The students had been working on conservation of matter and the previous day they had been given a preview of today’s task. Their task for the day was to work with a partner to develop an experiment that showed the law of conservatio...

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