Analysis Of Leslie Bell 's Work Essay

Analysis Of Leslie Bell 's Work Essay

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Everyone has their own needs and desires. These desires are genuine and authentic in that it affects everyone emotionally, however social relations and technology play a role in shaping peoples needs and desires. This is thoroughly demonstrated in Sherry Turkle’s work, Alone Together, Leslie Bell’s work Hard to Get, and Ethan Watters work The Mega Marketing of Depression in Japan. Specifically, our needs and desires are authentic in that that Jayanthi and Alicia needed to alter their personalities due to their past, and the children needed an emotional companion and found one with robots, however social relations like the Mega Marketing in Japan that created a need for a specific form of treatment for depression demonstrate that outside sources could play a key role in shaping our needs and desires.

The children in Turkle’s work have an innate need for robots as is similar with the innate need in Jayanthi to be an independent and strong individual. Children need emotional connections or friendships with people and that is exactly what the robots like Tamagotchi and Furby provided for them. These children essentially tricked themselves into believing that they were doing things individually unique with their Furby that made the Furby a real being through their eyes. One boy named Wilson understood his Furby to be real and genuine because he believed that when he belched, his Furby would do so simultaneously, or two boys named David and Zach, who believed that they were teaching their Furby to speak Hebrew and that the Furby was learning Hebrew and was starting to speak it even though the words a Furby can say is limited to an already set list of English words (Turkle). Therefore, this was a construct on the children’s part...

... middle of paper ... in fact truly authentic. Needs and desires were demonstrated to be authentic in Sherry Turkle’s work Alone Together Why We Expect More from Technology and less from Each Other, along with Leslie Bell’s work Hard to get Twenty-Something Women and the Paradox of Sexual Freedom. Specifically, with the need of emotional assistance, or rather just an attachment of some kind to the need of the children and the robotic toys, and with Jayanthi and her discomfort in not being an independent individual. However, although needs and desires are truly an authentic occurrence needs and desires could be cultivated like what was accomplished in Japan through the efforts of Mega Marketing by surrounding influences and thus, needs and desires is a culmination of influences, but also real emotional needs and wants that must be met in order to ensure happiness in any individual.

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