Analysis Of Lennon 's ' Lennon Arrives ' London Heathrow International Where He Meets A Contact

Analysis Of Lennon 's ' Lennon Arrives ' London Heathrow International Where He Meets A Contact

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LENNON arrives in London Heathrow International where he meets a contact providing him with information regarding a heist Lennon is preparing to preform. Lennon is to retrieve a diamond, and when he does this man’s employers—a Mexican Cartel— will release Lennon’s wife and son, who are currently being held captive.

Lennon is picked up by his partner MCCARTNEY, who drives him to a movie theater where they meet the two remaining members of the team, code names RINGO and HARRISON, who McCartney has sourced from a local connection.

We cut to the four of them, caught in a firefight with the police at the Qatari First National bank—clearly something has gone wrong. Lennon, McCartney, and Ringo fall back into the bank and take the patrons hostage, but Harrison is nowhere to be found. The cops have shown up much earlier than expected, leading the three remaining robbers to suspect each other of informing the police. Lennon takes the diamond from a bag of cash, and keeps it on him for the rest of the script.

While securing the rear exits, Lennon helps pregnant woman, JESSICA fend off an attacking man and takes her to the rest of the hostages. When he returns to the lobby of the bank he enlists a hostage, GRACE, to act as a nurse to injured hostages. A SECURITY GUARD, the bank’s CEO, STEELE are also amongst the bank hostages.

Lennon takes a call from special branch’s MATT SARACEN. Lennon demands a helicopter for their escape. Lennon then notices a television broadcast that report a source inside the bank, live tweeting the hostage situation. Lennon berates the hostages, and Ringo—who clearly has a short fuse and a wild side— shoots Steele in the hand for emphasis.

Lennon and McCartney come upon Harrison’s dead body, shot with ...

... middle of paper ...

... a strange transition. Jessica has a couple weird scenes, and her relationship with her attacker in the beginning needs to be explained. She also needs to get more screen time in general if she’s going to go badass and save the rest of the hostages.

The political stuff doesn’t really serve the script. Victoria doesn’t have enough screen time to convey a developed or intriguing political stance—and it in no way relates to any central theme of the film.

Finally there really doesn’t seem to be a point to the title or the Beatles stuff. The characters use Beatles code-names, that’s it. If the characters were expanded upon, and come to resemble the members of the Beatles in some way that would be one thing. As of now the Beatles reference just means that getting “A Hard Day’s Night” on the sound track is practically obligatory, and that seems needlessly expensive.

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