Analysis Of Lencioni 's And Grenny 's Essay

Analysis Of Lencioni 's And Grenny 's Essay

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Influence is a captivating trait that is sought-after by many leaders; however, key elements are often missed because constant measuring is not in place. To gain a positive influence, it comes down to more than just personal motivation and ability. Leadership is a science; leadership is a practiced and developed trait. The power to influence is often broke down into six categories: personal, social, structure, each measuring ability and motivation independently.
Consequently since leadership and influence can be gained through motivation and ability, it is important to understand the human element to being a leader with powerful influence. Being miserable in normal operations is going to affect the personal, social, and structural ability and motivation. To couple these two points within one course helps understand that influence takes more than just ability and motivation. Proper empathy and sincerity will ensure there’s positive and beneficial motivational behind each individual.
Comparing the two books, Lencioni’s and Grenny’s, they have more similarities than differences. The influence and leadership qualities demonstrated by the authors are harmonic with in themselves. They provide great balance to leadership and influence; traits that are often forgotten.
In order to change personal motivation as Grenny would suggest, the leader must carefully demonstrate three (3) qualities that Lencioni is instructing. Furthermore, we can discuss these in depth and see how the six sources of influence play a key part.
Anonymity, Irrelevance, and Immeasurement are three items that lead to being miserable at work. Furthermore, if these three items are not in focus by an individual’s manager, individual motivation and ability...

... middle of paper ...

... ability to perform the job going to be directly impacted. Finding importance in sincerity and relevance can provide the spark that is needed for personal, social, and structural motivation.
To conclude, a leader can use the information within the two books to create a more effective organizational environment. This will be a result of measuring the six sources of influence and applying the rules to avoid a miserable job for others. During our discussion this week, I asked which is more important between the two, six sources of influence or avoiding signs of a miserable job? As I think they are both important and play very well into one and other, I feel the first and most important step is ensuring you are not miserable. Once miserable is removed from the scenario, finding success in personal ability and motivation will become a goal rather than an obstacle.

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