Essay on Analysis Of Laurence Sternes ' Tristam Shandy '

Essay on Analysis Of Laurence Sternes ' Tristam Shandy '

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Laurence Sternes’ “Tristam Shandy”, specifically volume 1 ch: 12, holds patronage to sentimentality through a compilation of juxtaposing emotions that are exchanged between the two characters Yorick, and Eugenius. This exchange moving towards the climatic moment in the chapter where Parson Yorick’s is murdered by the ambiguous debtors who desired revenge for his sallies. However, the chapter in entirety is expressed in a particular manner. Since the time-span of the chapter itself is short, and spontaneous. In effect, I will analyze volume 1, chapter 12 of “Tristam Shandy”, put emphasis to the literary innuendoes and (half-)ironic moments expressed through the exchange of dialogue. For chapter 12 sets Yorick and Eugenius as binaries (or foils) to one another. Yorick from the outset of the chapter characterizes himself as the fool who seemingly laughs at his situation, whereas Eugenius is alternatively presented as the voice of reason, more significantly the voice of sensibility. On that account I will analyze various modes of comedy generated from Yorick and the sentimentality in the chapter which is effectively produced by Eugenius. Lastly I will focus on the the artistic speculation over the uniqueness of the black page and its visual effectiveness of expressing emotions (31), and literary significance: the importance of chapter 12 and its relationship between emotional stress and its formalistic devices. In doing so to prove how Sterne’s use of ‘Shandiesm’ proves itself as a mode of escapism from the harsh reality of death, and slipping in the use of sentimentality to ease that pain; despite death itself being an abrupt and unforgiving event in the every day lives of mundane folk.
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...attacked, due to the sensation of power comedy would have. Comedy possesses a power of malevolent intentions when directed at someone, for they would feel subjected to mockery, and to allow the delivery of the jest demonstrates weakness and submission towards the one delivering the joke. In which he argues, if the selected agent were to retort his jests, they’ve merely engaged themselves in a “mutual defence, -- they carry on the war in such a manner against thee” (27). The phrase itself is ironic, because Yorick is hinted to be a veteran of war (28), and now he creates the connection of comedy as an approaching attack. For there would indeed be an effect of violent outbursts that would arise from the exchange in language; yet he draws a parallel in how comedy can become a engaging battle, as well as how he sees his sallies as a game, as he does with life itself.

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