Analysis Of Laurel Mississippi 's 2015 Pull Up Your Pants Essay

Analysis Of Laurel Mississippi 's 2015 Pull Up Your Pants Essay

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On June 11, 2007, Delcambre Louisiana introduced the first ‘Pull Up Your Pants’ law in America to include a penalty of six months in jail or a $500.00 for weary pants sagging below the waist and revealing a person’s buttocks covered only by an undergarment (Koppel, 2007). This public indecency campaign, directed primarily at African American youth, continues to show intolerance and contempt for this social faction 's form of fashion and cultural expression of low-slung pants. However, Laurel’s city attorney Deidra Bassi of Laurel Mississippi’s 2015 Pull Up Your Pants campaign is concerned this could be perceived and challenged as a violation of civil rights (Howell, K. 2015).
A good portion of young African Americans feel this law is racist, a violation of civil rights, and a clear example of racial profiling. American youth of colour knows their actions speak as loud as their words and are not about to surrender the right to portray their image in a manner they feel is reasonable, legal, and comfortable. Actions, in this particular case, will be referred to as symbolic interaction; a phrase coined in 1937 by Sociologist Herbert Blumer (Blumer, 1984 P.1). Blumer describes symbolic interaction as the recognition of one’s actions, the actions of others and attaching meaning to those actions (Blumer, 1994. P.263). Black youth considers the low-slung style a matter of swagger, fashion, and societal non-conformity. Lafourche Louisiana council member Lindel Toups says, "Our kids kind of got away from us…they need to start showing respect to their elders (Bacon, 2007)." Consequently, the core of this relationship is how youth and authority perceive the actions of the other as the inequality between these two groups grows at an alar...

... middle of paper ... from the African American music industry influence over black youth and promoting Baggy/Saggy Pants as a major social statement. America’s apparently are unwilling to accept the uniqueness of African American street culture and are clearly without viable alternatives to offer these young people.
For now, America is saddled with Baggy Pants laws like Florida’s Senate Bill 228 described by Democratic State Senator Gary Siplin as, “pro-family, pro-education, and pro-jobs (Swaine, 2011).” University of California historian Luis Alvarez writes, "Youth culture, in general, is not always decipherable to those outside of the inner circle…our dress and our vocabulary and our vernacular become powerful because [outsiders] can 't understand it (Denby, 2014)." There is a critical need for positive action on behalf of both sides of the argument to heal this cultural wound.

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