Analysis Of Langston Hughes 's ' I, Too, And `` Theme For English B `` Essay

Analysis Of Langston Hughes 's ' I, Too, And `` Theme For English B `` Essay

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Langston Hughes 's stories deal of conditions befalling African Americans upholding in the Harlem Renaissance. His philosophy, dissimilar culture differences between policy and practice of separating people of different races, classes, or ethnicities relations for civil right moment. Hughes 's stories speak of the African-Americans as being overlooked by a biased society. Hughes 's poetry attempts to draw attention to the tragic history of African Americans, both in Africa and the United States, a viewpoints of his family’s diversity, for example, his white grandfather had staunchly insisted on marrying the black woman he loved because of the resistance against mixed relationships with whites and other races among the United States culture, yet, Hughes self-confident writing for equal rights for Black Americans. His themes were of inability to stand up against the racist conducts that is shown in Hughes work like in “I, Too”, and “Theme for English B”, both show reasons to challenge racist treatment of a person or group resulting from prejudgment. With A diverse African American heritage, Hughes poems challenge racism and oppression by bringing attention to the foreground narratives of humiliation and violence of the Civil Rights Movement motivating change against racism with writing a use of nonviolent resistance to contest laws and norms in society considered unjust.
1) Hughes is part of the African-American individuals that he expresses in his writing they want to feel equal a country they call their home. He writes about how he and his people are currently beleaguered, but this does not test the hope of one day having equality, striving for a future of change and greater importance to a motivated American culture.
a) In the “...

... middle of paper ...

... sense of identity, both celebrating and critiquing it. It is not simply because of Hughes the Africa American had used a culture that he felt was borrowed like hand-me-down clothes as being their cultural values. Full of the thoughts and ideas of others that doesn’t share your history; he wanted to make his own reality in some way or another with music and poems.
5) Hughes ' stories explain many of the problems that African Americans faced during this era in United States history, ranging from bias, racism to a general depression that comes from breaking down minorities. His work tells the story from the side of a broken down people that made a change to help towards overcome the difference of skin color. He created acts that changed the cultural values along with shrinking the divide on equality among whites and minority’s at this distasteful time in our history.

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