Analysis Of Kohli And Solorzano 's Theory Of Racial Microaggression Essay

Analysis Of Kohli And Solorzano 's Theory Of Racial Microaggression Essay

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Kohli and Solórzano’s theory of racial microaggression is described as subtle daily verbal and non-verbal racial insults that are often carried out automatically or unconsciously. People of color are usually targeted through layers based on their language, culture, and phenotype, and Eurocentric cultural values through the act of microaggressions often replace these layers. The authors argued that these microaggressions, although said unconsciously or subtly, the consequences of an individual’s experiences can have a detrimental impact on their well-being and self-perceptions (Kholi & Solórzano, 2012).
1. Prior to this article, I actually did not know that these situations are issues, and it is called microaggression. Although I have seen this happen to others and me on our daily lives, I never thought of it as an issue until I finish reading the article. Now looking back to my experiences, I realized how much of the narratives on the article are similar to mine, and how the consequences I unconsciously experienced are similar to theirs. Especially with the narrative of Maythee, and how mispronouncing her name reinforced a remembrance of her being an outsider and not an American (p.15). Similar to Maythee’s experiences, I always had a concern about my name. I was born and raised in the Philippines, so moving here in United States was a challenge for me, especially adopting the American accent. People always laughed at me for having a different accent. My accent made me feel like I did not belong in school, or that I was not good enough. To save myself from embarrassment, I tried to not talk or participate in conversations or academic discussions, so I can prevent any further humiliating moments. This also made me feel excluded, an...

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...o with their culture, and so on. Things like these will make students be aware of the different cultures that surround them, and learn about how other cultures exist, not just their own. Furthermore, just like previous reading we had about Sleeter (2013), students who embrace both their culture and the dominant culture do better than student who do not. In addition, students perform better academically when the topic can be related to their personal situations or experiences, and I believe teaching students in a multicultural way will be best for all of the students. Above all these, students will understand that everyone is equal, and everyone has their own abilities and talents, no matter how you look like, the way you speak, or where you came from, everyone is entitled to be whoever they want to be, without having to adjust and shift one’s beliefs from their own.

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