Analysis Of Kennedys Inaugural Speech By ' Kennedys Inauguration Speech ' And ' How Should I Act '

Analysis Of Kennedys Inaugural Speech By ' Kennedys Inauguration Speech ' And ' How Should I Act '

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Throughout this semester in history we have been learning about democracies. Before this class I knew little to nothing about a democracy. Now I understand a lot about democracy, and how democracies have changed over the years. Through this class I can now answer the three core questions “who am I”, “what should I know”, and “how should I act”.
After learning this semester and reading many great articles I can easily answer the question, “who am I?” I now realize that I am an important citizen in this society. With equal political power as any other citizen. I know also realize how much my opinion matters. For example, even though I am young my vote for important elections is needed. Without all these votes we would not be a true democratic society. For example, in “Kennedys Inaugural speech” he strongly emphasized the importance of freedom and how we should be a role model for other countries. This relates to who am I because we have this freedom and liberty that makes us who we are. Without these rights we would not be the same people we are today. Another important reading, we read this semester that strongly influences who I am is the “U.S Constitution”. Without these simple rights being created many years ago I would not be who I am today. Although some people may take these rights for granted they are very important, and are something we couldn’t live without. Lastly “The American Promise” by Johnson is also a very powerful speech. In this speech he makes many good points. Johnson explains how we are an equal country. Although we didn’t always have equality we now treat every one very equally. Through these equal rights I am glad to be who I am. Throughout these essays and many others we have read throughout this course I ...

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... unjustly. Therefore, we should act in a way that treats everyone equally. By treating everyone fair we can continue to work together, and create a powerful society for all.
Overall through out all of these reading and many more I have learned a lot. Throughout all of these reading I have thought about all three of these core questions, and in each reading there are many reasons on why we need to know all of these questions. Living in the society today we have to know how to treat everyone equally. We also need to know how to properly act to prevent punishment, and also we need to know who we are as citizens of this society. We need to realize the power we have, and that we can make a difference if we don’t like something. Overall these three questions have challenged me to think deeply into these reading, and learn about how important these three questions are.

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