Essay Analysis Of Kelli Stapleton 's ' The Status Woe '

Essay Analysis Of Kelli Stapleton 's ' The Status Woe '

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Kelli Stapleton a mother who deals with struggles to her fourteen year old autistic daughter named Issy. Throughout the blog, the “Status Woe”, Kelli talks about her struggles and sportiness she has to her daughter Issy. Begins how a teenage daughter with autism with violent rages come to fear in Kelli Stapleton life (Stapleton). Clearly Kelli’s mind she had always picture that Issy was going to get the treatment she need and that Kelli’s life was going to change. In Hanna Rosin article it states that Kelli would have conflicts to herself whether she wanted to end herself and her daughter’s life stating they both where going to heaven together. Kelli eventually does a fail attempting suicide murder by trying to end herself and her daughter’s life (Rosin). It is clear that no parent is allow to end the life of their own child due to the fact the child has an autistic disease. Even though Kelli admitted for the suicide murder attempt the court room is justified for the life sentence of Kelli Stapleton.
It is clear that no parent is allow to end the life of their own child due to the fact the child has an autistic disease. Even though Kelli suffers the beatings she had form her daughter, physically and psychosocially she had no right to attempt a murder to her daughter (Stapleton). In one of the paragraphs in the article by Hanna Rosin she stated that Kelli wanted her sentence to have a few extra years for each year Kelli has raise her (Rosin). Kelli prefers to be behind bars rather than face her daughter everyday initially thinking about everyday might be her last. As if Kelli would think ways in what if she would have kill herself or what if she live and stay home with her daughter. There will always be that conclusion if Kell...

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...he first person. It is clearly psychologically thinking Kelli by the time would have gone insane. Even though Kelli uses her blog to help support other family members that are in need to help raise an autistic child parents should know that there not alone (Rosin). Few of the reasons Kelli has gone insane due to the fact, “Kelli was a desperate woman seeking for help she has never gotten” (Rosin). Now she faces the price for a charge of murder and a life sentence to prison (Rosin). Due to the fact Kelli never thought about what if something else would workout rather than kill someone or somebody else that is her own child. In this case the government must decide in the future to provide more funding for disable families for cases such as these would not happen in the mere future. It is why the court room is justify in this case and her sentence in prison is ethical.

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