Analysis Of Kaysen 's ' Psychotherapist ' Essay

Analysis Of Kaysen 's ' Psychotherapist ' Essay

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In this case, Kaysen’s psychotherapist had a brief conversation with her about her bad habits and scrutinizes her on her life choices. He talks to her based on something as superficial as her pimple with a surly comment. “‘Picking at yourself,’ he repeated, He popped out from behind his desk and lunged toward me” (Kaysen 7). He refers to her pimple as to her picking at herself emotionally which was misreading the situation completely. First of all, professional psychotherapists do not lunge towards their patients that is extremely unprofessional and off putting for most patients. Second, the therapist could not even respect her uncommitment and obvious apprehension of wanting her rest, or vacation at the asylum. This is based on her decision of wanting to postpone her “rest” until Friday. “ He sounded conciliatory, or pleading, and I was afraid. ‘I’ll go Friday,” I said. It was Tuesday; maybe Friday I would not want to go. He bore down on me with his belly. ‘No. You go now.’ I thought this was unreasonable. ‘I have a lunch date,’ I said. ‘Forget it… You’re going to the hospital’” (Kaysen 8). Kaysen was bullied into signing herself into the asylum because of the off putting, overbearing, therapist. It would be easy to see how some people might be coaxed into signing into an asylum with a controlling therapist. Third, based on the time period Kaysen describes she was diagnosed in only fifteen minutes. “ I did not mention that I’d never seen that doctor before, that he decided to put me away after only fifteen minutes” ( Kaysen 39). Most diagnosis takes at least two hours so the therapist can make an accurate diagnosis about the patient’s psyche. However, in this case, the diagnosis took fifteen minutes. In Atul, Gawande’s, Why Doct...

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... Even the most experienced psychologist will utilize more time to make the best possible diagnosis. Kaysen elaborates on how the patterns in the brain have a bias in the mind. “ Particular patterns of thought get attached to particular movements or activities, and before you know it, it’s impossible to approach that movement or activity without dislodging an avalanche of pre thoughts”(Kaysen 77). This means a certain thing done the same time is lumped with an action, then it is hard to unlink it. Her psychoanalyst had a preconceived notion about her before she even came to his office for analysis.
In essence, Kaysen never had anything considerably wrong with her she was just misdiagnosed by her psychoanalyst. Kaysen was bullied into the institution because she had attempted suicide beforehand. Misdiagnosis of Kaysen caused her to be interrupted from her normal life,

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