Analysis Of Katherine Mansfield 's ' Miss Brill '

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Katherine Mansfield has truly shown the suffering pain that Miss Brill has experienced over time, but Miss Brill seems to not have correct mind set. Mansfield describes Miss Brill as a lonely, isolated, English school teacher that wears a fur necklet. She describes the setting in France and while Miss Brill visits different places. When you examine the era, you will know the story in set in the 1920’s. During this time, many different events occurred and it also affected the different countries at the time. Many women were known as flappers. They developed new hairstyles and a new sense of fashion. Developments of different hairstyles became very popular such as short bobbed hair. Roberts states “They explain the trend among women toward short hair and a looser, more carefree style of clothing as a reflection of a new freedom of movement women enjoyed in both professional and social circles that was itself brought about by the war” (Roberts 662). Miss Brill was very observant when it came to fashion. Women started to develop into the new change and many people viewed these as social changes occurring but many did not. The historical background that is presented in the story shows the hardships of women during this era. Women in this era faced difficult struggles every day and despite the struggles, the women decide to strive for better. Mandel states “Inspite of the obvious political and social gains from the proceeding decades, the 1920’s were marked by the emergence of antifeminist voices which, through the media and religious institutions, sent women back into the home to be fully devoted to childbearing and child raising” (Kimyongür and Kershaw 143). Women were exposed to different situations that they were forced to do and ... ... middle of paper ... ...being an actress has led to her believe that she and everyone else has a specific part to play on the stage of life within the park. When the author states this, the foreshadowing of Miss Brill’s imagery begins to unfold. Miss Brill also develops an illustration of delusional thinking. Her mind changes drastically and so do her emotions. When someone criticizes her fur, she seems to ignore others and her regular activities to make it home as soon as possible. Symbolism of the fur provides insight to Miss Brill and her true feelings. Miss Brill does begin to cry once she is home and finally, she sees reality through her own eyes. The thoughts of others overcame her and she began to understand who she truly is. Miss Brill truly understands the person she truly is. The story never really expresses what happened to Miss Brill, but in the end she become a changed person.
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