Analysis Of Karl Marx And His Belief Of The Worker Essay

Analysis Of Karl Marx And His Belief Of The Worker Essay

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America. This idea greatly relates to Karl Marx and his belief of the alienation of the worker. Over recent decades what use to be a taboo line of thinking (Marxism) has grown ever more acceptable and even agreed upon in many American circles. This I believe has lead to an almost certain attack on the blue collar working class in America. Academia and higher education has certainly taken a leap, where now there seems to be an ever-growing belief that all high schoolers should aim to go to college, and thereafter work on securing a white collar, professional type job. This can be seen in the baby boomer generation having a great belief that their children must go to college, something that many of them could not do, or were not afforded the resources to do. This made for even more significance being put on the idea that their children should go to college. I bring this back to Marx because it is his belief that being a worker in a capitalist society is far from glorious. Americans, on the whole, do not seem to like the idea of communism as an alternative to cons of capitalism, but ins...

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