Essay on Analysis Of ' Just Walk On By ' By Malcolm Gladwell

Essay on Analysis Of ' Just Walk On By ' By Malcolm Gladwell

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Why are people not judged by who they are but instead what they look like? People judge people without find out who they are, what are their values, or their upbringing. Instead, they are categorized as a particular type of people based on how they appear. In Malcolm Gladwell’s essay,”Trouble Makers” he tells of how wrongful generalizations are made on a group of people or things. While in Brent Staples essay,”Just Walk on By” he tells of his personal struggled being racially profiled as an African American man. Gladwell would respond to Staples argument that he is perceived unfairly due to the generalizations that are made towards Staples.

Gladwell would agree the discriminations that Staples faced was due to the same category problems the pit bull faced. While walking behind a woman one late night Staples was thought as dangerous which lead to her running away. Staples says,“And I soon gathered that being perceived as dangerous is a hazard itself.”(Staples 52). Staples recognizes that he is being unfairly judged and profiled as someone he is not. Staples makes the reader see the woman as the victim, but as he continues the reader thinks otherwise. Being seen as a dangerous person was actually negative for Staples because he was not. He was put into a category of what African Americans were supposed to be based off generalizations. The true victim was not the woman at all but Staples himself. He was being unfairly judged due to how he looked instead of who he was, a graduate student attending the University of Chicago.Gladwell would recognize the people like Staples because the pit bull is also facing being generalized. The pit bull ban creates a category that if any dog looks like a pit bull it is automatically dangerous. ...

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...s based off his race. His encounters with law enforcement were a display of racial profiling due to the generalization made about African Americans.

To conclude, Gladwell would respond to Staples argument that he is perceived unfairly due to the generalizations that are made towards him. Staples is a victim put in the category of being a criminal and the aggressor. Anyone that looks like Staples can be considered dangerous and based off his appearance law enforcement generalize on African Americans as well. Stereotypes seems to be what is holding people back from understanding one another. Though it was incorrect thinking for the woman to see Staples as a criminal she was not wrong just scared. Danger at that moment could have been any race not just African Americans. Her generalizations were the stable generalizations that need to be made to prevent stereotypes.

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