Essay on Analysis Of Jonathan Montresor 's ' The Amontillado '

Essay on Analysis Of Jonathan Montresor 's ' The Amontillado '

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spanish sherry. Montresor uses deception by assuring the amontillado is being held in the Montresor family catacombs. Montresor’s ability to find the weakness of his enemy and carry out a plan accordingly shows the wicked horror in which the way the narrator thinks. Therefore, making the reader horrified and uplifting the dark tone of the story. Another occurrence that helped uplift the mood was Montresor’s toast to Fortunato 's “long life.” “ Here I knocked off the neck of the bottle..”’drink”’ he said. “‘To the buried that repose around us”’ “‘ And I to your long life”’. The action of manipulation is shown by Montresor giving Fortunato more alcohol, making him even more drunk and more capable to go through with his plan. The alcohol dulls his senses making him less susceptible to danger. By continuing to give Fortunato alcohol he becomes intoxicated and vulnerable which is all part of Montresor 's plan. This action upholds the dark tone of the story because it shows the dark nature of Montresor and how he is able to manipulate and kill a human being. By premeditating a despicable plan to kill someone leaves off a very dark tone. Therefore, actions such as manipulation play an important role in fulfilling the mood in “ The Cask of Amontillado.”

Foreshadowing is a literary device scattered throughout the story.Webster’s dictionary defines foreshadowing as a warning or indication of a future event. One can see signs of foreshadowing in the very early stages of the story with a single glance. The title “Cask of Amontillado,” closely resembles the word casket, hinting that the narrator plans to kill a character. This hint already frightens the reader and it gives of a dark tone The word cask and casket derive from the same lati...

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...or more. Stories written by Poe are often revolved around an often scary and frightful concept, an author such as Poe stands out in the world of literature because he wasn 't afraid to go against the status-quo. By doing so he created detective fiction genre. Today in society people are shunned for going against the “norm”, but people who don’t comply to the status-quo , end up somewhere successful. Nobody in the world will ever get anywhere if they follow the crowd and blend in with rest, successful people are the people who stand out and aren’t afraid to fail. By creating certain aspects in his works, it created the mood that people a hundred years later still read. Poe went against the normal but in the end he is famous, not because he was a mediocre writer, but because he stood out from everyone else; There is great power in not caring in what people think.

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